Lip-Smackin’, Thirst-Quenchin’,
Always Happenin’ Broadway!

In Newport, Rhode Island there is one place that locals go to have a good time, shop at great stores and meet friends — and that is the Local Broadway District. Check out 6 blocks of awesome, packed with great bars, indie restaurants, coffee shops, live music, and more.  See a show.  Rent a bike.  Explore vintage clothes, a bakery, kitchen store, and some quirky shops you have to see for yourself. Plus great parks and café seating. Come on by and join the fun!


Find Freedom on Broadway

America’s freedom began on Broadway. Before the Boston Tea Party, there was the Newport Stamp Act Riot of 1765. Per the news of the day, “the chief contrivers…sent into the street strong Drink in plenty with Cheshire cheese and other provocatives to…riot.” See where it happened at the Old Colony House, and the Wanton Lyman Hazard House. Then get your own good time going on Broadway.

You’ll really dig Broadway. And right now, we’re doing a little digging of our own. New streetscapes and new parking are being put in. But no worries! We are open for business, with SPECIAL PARKING just for you. Look for this sign, and pull right in.

Just click on the Google Map below to find parking options!